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Incorporated Company

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You can download this group of statements for your own use with Adagio FX or Adagio Ledger by clicking here. The downloaded statements are stored in a ZIP file and should be unzipped into a directory for use. In Adagio FX, statements being with AF!, while Adagio Ledger statements begin GL!. In the Financial Reporter, you can use File | Import to retrieve statements between programs. In the file names below, the file prefix has been eliminated.

Financial Statements Cover Sheet

File: 2Title.SAM

Company name, address and fiscal period ending date automatically retrieved from the data.
Review Engagement Cover Letter

File: 2ReviewCover.SAM

Review Engagement cover letter to the financial statements. Automatically inserts correct company name and period ending date.
Balance Sheet

File: 2BalanceSheet.SAM

Two column prior year comparative balance sheet, comparing current to prior year. Worded for a capital deficiency.
Income Statement

File: 2Income.SAM

Two column prior year comparative Income Statement. Calculates Gross Margin. Worded for company generating a loss.
Cash Flow Statement

File: 2Cashflow.SAM

Statement of Cashflows showing activities generating and expending cash.
Cost of Sales Schedule

File: 2CostOfSales.SAM

An attached schedule analyzing the accounts that make up the single line "Cost of sales" entry on the income statement. Rows are automatically generated from the chart of accounts. Amounts are expressed as a % of sales.

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