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Function Examples

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You can download this group of statements for your own use with Adagio FX or Adagio Ledger by clicking here. The downloaded statements are stored in a ZIP file and should be unzipped into a directory for use. In Adagio FX, statements being with AF!, while Adagio Ledger statements begin GL!. In the Financial Reporter, you can use File | Import to retrieve statements between programs. In the file names below, the file prefix has been eliminated.

Financial Statements with Common Ratios

File: BalanceandIncome WithCommonRatios.SAM

Notes: Basic Balance Sheet and Income Statement that generate a third page of all the common financial ratios that can be calculated from the financial statements: Acid test, Debt to equity, etc.
Right Button Insert Options

File: RightMouseFormulas.SAM

Notes: A page describing all the formulas that may be inserted by selection from the right mouse button "Useful Formulas" choice.
RngMerge Example

File: FunctionExamples.SAM

Notes: Demonstrates how the =RngMerge() function works to create account-department ranges. Demonstrates the codes available to insert text in a financial statement header and footer.
Row Formatting Example

File: RowFormat.SAM

Notes: Schedule of Expenses where accounts over budget are automatically highlighted in yellow, and accounts under budget are bolded.
Financial Reporter Fields

File: SuperSpec.SAM

Notes: Contains every specification code that can be used in conjunction with "gldata" in creating an =ADGET() function.
Currency Conversion Examples

File: CurrencyCvtExample.SAM

Notes: Two column income statement stating amounts in Canadian and US dollars. Exchange rate entered once and amounts are all re-calculated automatically.
Revenue & Expenses (Consolidated Departments)

File: Video-1.SAM

Notes: The sample income statement generated during the Adagio FX demonstration video, part 1. Three columns, actual, budget and budget variance.
Revenue & Expenses

File: Video-2.SAM

Notes: The sample income statement generated during the Adagio FX demonstration video, part 2. Six columns, actual YTD, last year YTD, % variance, current YTD, budget YTD and budget variance.
Balance Sheet -- Assets

File: BankLOC.SAM

Notes: A simple balance sheet that demonstrates how to automatically move a bank account from the asset to liability section of the balance sheet depending on its balance.
Date Function Example

File: DateFunctionExamples.SAM

Notes: =DATESTRING() allows unlimited formatting of a date. This sheet demonstrates all the various formatting codes, with examples of their use.
Verify Balance Sheet 1

File: VerifyBalanceSheet.SAM

Notes: A basic single column balance sheet that can be viewed expanded or collapsed to verify the chart of accounts.

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