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Balance Sheets

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You can download this group of statements for your own use with Adagio FX or Adagio Ledger by clicking here. The downloaded statements are stored in a ZIP file and should be unzipped into a directory for use. In Adagio FX, statements being with AF!, while Adagio Ledger statements begin GL!. In the Financial Reporter, you can use File | Import to retrieve statements between programs. In the file names below, the file prefix has been eliminated.

Balance Sheet

File: 3Balance.SAM

Notes: Two column prior quarter comparative balance sheet, including retained earnings and a single director's signature block.
Balance Sheet

File: Balance.SAM

Notes: Current and prior year comparative balance sheet. Contains company logo.
Two Year Comparative Balance Sheet

File: BalanceCurrentandLastYear.SAM

Notes: Two column balance sheet comparing current to the prior year.
Balance Sheet

File: BalanceSheet.SAM

Notes: Basic, single column balance sheet allows verification of chart of accounts.
GIFI Comparative Balance Sheet

File: GIFIComparative.SAM

Notes: GIFI based comparative balance sheet with accounts automatically highlighted that have changed by an amount greater than a user specified percentage.
GIFI Taxation Balance Sheet Information

File: GIFIShort.SAM

Notes: Side-by-side Asset / Liability balance sheet, formatted to the CCRA GIFI Short form submission.
GIFI Taxation Balance Sheet Information -- Blank Form

File: GIFIShortBlankForm.SAM

Notes: Side-by-side Asset / Liability balance sheet, formatted to the CCRA GIFI Short form submission. Account numbers are blank, allowing drag and drop account number assignment.
Verify Balance Sheet 1

File: VerifyBalanceSheet.SAM

Notes: A basic single column balance sheet that can be viewed expanded or collapsed to verify the chart of accounts.
Balance Sheet -- Assets

File: BankLOC.SAM

Notes: A simple balance sheet that demonstrates how to automatically move a bank account from the asset to liability section of the balance sheet, depending on its balance.
Balance Sheet

File: 1Balance.SAM

Notes: Balance sheet with signing blocks for two directors.

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