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Enhanced Income Statements

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You can download this group of statements for your own use with Adagio FX or Adagio Ledger by clicking here. The downloaded statements are stored in a ZIP file and should be unzipped into a directory for use. In Adagio FX, statements being with AF!, while Adagio Ledger statements begin GL!. In the Financial Reporter, you can use File | Import to retrieve statements between programs. In the file names below, the file prefix has been eliminated.

12 Month Rolling Income Statement

File: 12MonthRollingNet.SAM

Notes: 13 column income statement showing last 12 months net posted revenue and expense, and a 12 month total.
Four Quarter Rolling Income Statement

File: RollingNetQuarters.SAM

Notes: Current and last 3 quarter income statement showing sum of revenue and expenses.
Expenses with Row Formatting Example

File: RowFormat.SAM

Notes: Schedule of Expenses where accounts over budget are automatically highlighted in yellow, and accounts under budget are bolded.
Statement of Revenue & Expenses


Notes: Four column statement showing YTD Actual, Budget, Budget Variance and Last Year figures for revenue and expense accounts. Accounts added to the chart will automatically be added to the statement.
Revenue & Expenses (Consolidated Departments) -- Page 1

File: Video-1.SAM

Notes: The sample income statement generated during the Adagio FX demonstration video, part 1. Three columns, actual, budget and budget variance.
Revenue & Expenses

File: Video-2.SAM

Notes: The sample income statement generated during the Adagio FX demonstration video, part 2. Six columns, actual YTD, last year, % variance, actual YTD, YTD budget and budget variance.
Income Statement

File: 1Income.SAM

Notes: Basic statement of revenue and expenses. Expense items summarized to single lines and are explained on attached schedules.
Schedules of Expenses

File: 1Schedules.SAM

Notes: Schedules from the Income Statement, automatically generated to detail the accounts summarized on the main statement.

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