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The following images link to a PDF copy of the specified statements from the sample data. To open a PDF, click on the file name of interest below. If you want to view statements by category group, return to the Sample Statements Index and choose the desired statement group. Download all sample statements by clicking here. The sample statements should be unzipped into a separate directory. Use File | Import to retrieve the specification(s) you're interested in. The specification file have been created with Adagio FX and so the file names all begin AF!*.SAM. Using File | Import in the Financial Reporter and setting the type to "Adagio FX statements" will retrieve the correct file and rename it automatically for your application and data extension.

If you need a viewer, click here.

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AF!12MonthIncome.pdf 12 Month Income Statement
AF!12MonthRollingNet.pdf 12 Month Rolling Income Statement
AF!1Balance.pdf Balance Sheet
AF!1Cashflow.pdf Statement of Cash Flows
AF!1Cover-AuditReport.pdf Auditor's Report Cover Sheet
AF!1Cover.pdf Financial Statements Cover Sheet
AF!1Income.pdf Income Statement
AF!1Notes.pdf Notes to Financial Statements
AF!1Schedules.pdf Schedule of Expenses
AF!2BalanceSheet.pdf Balance Sheet
AF!2CashFlow.pdf Cash Flow Statement
AF!2CostOfSales.pdf Cost of Sales Schedule
AF!2Income.pdf Income Statement
AF!2ReviewCover.pdf Review Engagement Cover Letter
AF!2Title.pdf Financial Statements Cover Sheet
AF!3Balance.pdf Balance Sheet
AF!3CashFlow.pdf Cash Flow Statement
AF!3Cover-Review.pdf Review Engagement Letter
AF!3Cover.pdf Index to Financial Statements
AF!3Income.pdf Income Statement
AF!3Notes-1.pdf Notes to Financial Statements -- page 1
AF!3Notes-2.pdf Notes to Financial Statements -- page 2
AF!3Notes-3.pdf Notes to Financial Statements -- page 3
AF!3Notes-4.pdf Notes to Financial Statements -- page 4
AF!3Notes-5.pdf Notes to Financial Statements -- page 5
AF!3Notes-6.pdf Notes to Financial Statements -- page 6
AF!3Notes-7.pdf Notes to Financial Statements -- page 7
AF!3RetainedEarnings.pdf Retained Earnings Statement
AF!Balance.pdf Balance Sheet
AF!BalanceAndIncomeWithCommonRatios.pdf Balance sheet, Income Statement and Common ratios calculated from the figures
AF!BalanceCurrentAndLastYear.pdf Balance Sheet Comparing Current and Previous Year
AF!BalanceSheet-C.pdf Balance Sheet
AF!BalanceSheet.pdf Balance Sheet
AF!BankLOC-Asset.pdf Balance Sheet showing the bank account in the Assets section with a debit balance
AF!BankLOC-Liability.pdf Balance Sheet showing the bank account in the Liabilities section with a credit balance
AF!BudgetForecast.pdf Projection to Budget
AF!BudgetForecast2.pdf Forecast of Revenue & Expenditure
AF!BudgetPercent.pdf Income Statement with Budget Percentages (Consolidated Departments)
AF!Cover.pdf Financial Statements Cover
AF!CurrencyCvtExamples.pdf Income Statement with Currency Conversion
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